Sunday, January 26, 2020

Dry Creek Baptist Camp (One of Nehemiah's Favorite Places to be!)

We spent part of this past weekend at one of Nehemiah's favorite places on this earth. On our way home he asked me if I would blog about our weekend... so this if for Nehemiah! And I'm happy to write it because he loves this place SO MUCH and our kids are starting to love it too!

Nehemiah started working at Dry Creek Baptist Camp the summer of 2002 as a staffer. He washed dishes, served food, and cleaned bathrooms. He has told me a story of  his first summer at DCBC multiple times, and he shares it with others ANY time the opportunity arises! In fact, recently we saw one of my favorite Christian comedians (Dustin Nickerson!) and we got to talk to him after the show and Nehemiah shared this story with him! Dustin said it was such a weird story that he knew Nehemiah didn't make it up and it had to be true! haha So the story goes... Nehemiah was cleaning the bathrooms of the tabernacle one day and he found that one of the stalls was being used. I don't know how you even do this... but he struck up a conversation with the person in the stall and ended up leading him to Christ! He always says "He led someone to the throne, while they were on the throne!" haha

He took a few summers off from DCBC and came back in 2006 as a counselor. In 2007 he worked as the Staff Coordinator, where he was in charge of the summer staff. And fast forward a decade and he became a member of the board of trustees for DCBC. Honestly, it's one of his favorite commitments. Getting to be apart of helping DCBC grow is one of his pride and joys. While Nehemiah served on a master plan committee he helped plan a weekend for all past staff members of DCBC to come back to the camp and reunite with old friends and just relive their glory days! We brought our family in 2018 and then again this past weekend. Our kids had such a great time! Actually, our whole family did! We're planning on attending Family Camp at DCBC in the fall of this year! When I told our girls about it they were instantly excited!! 

I went to GA camp as a little girl at Dry Creek and I accepted Jesus into my heart in the back of the tabernacle! I wish I had only good memories of it, but I was such a home body and cried most of the week because I wanted to go home. I went back to youth camp in high school and I vividly remember my best friend, Emilie, and I crying into the pay phones calling our parents begging them to come get us... we were some pitiful teenagers. haha I do love Dry Creek though! It is such a great place to go and just be together. I'm just as excited, for Family Camp, as the girls are. I would be so proud of our kids if they worked at DCBC one day! And you better believe that when they are old enough they will attend Girls and Boys Mission Camps!

Dry Creek has such a special place in Nehemiah's heart. I'm so thankful for this place for  bringing thousands of kids, teens, and adults to Jesus! They are changing lives here in Louisiana! I'm also thankful for DCBC for helping shape Nehemiah into the man he is today. He is stronger because of it, I'm sure! 

Some pictures of our fun this past weekend! 

On Friday night we worshiped around a bonfire under string lights! It was powerful. Each alumni family in attendance was given a lantern to remind them to pray for DCBC. A reminder to pray for the camp and to keep our hearts centered on being the a light in this world. We put it in Luke's room!

Saturday morning:
The kids loved shooting at the rifle range!

Their favorite part of the day was the archery range!! Ella was a natural!! We had so much fun and the girls are already ready to go try again!!

 Luke LOVED retrieving the arrows!! lol His favorite part!

Hiking to the prayer garden!
 Family pic in front of the pond! It was so beautiful with the algae growing on top! Cora didn't believe that it was water until she threw a stick and moved the algae! 
 Cora took our picture! :)
I've been to the prayer garden before (and loved it) but this time it reminded of one of my favorite books I've read recently... Where The Crawdads Sing. It was beautiful! (the book and the pond!)

 We spotted a water  moccasin... and we got out of there quick. haha It was down below us in the creek. 

 Nehemiah found his name on the list of Staffers from the 2000's
 These two are the silliest!

Ella lost her second tooth while we were there! She is so proud to say she lost her tooth at Dry Creek! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Cora & Luke’s first day of Preschool!

Ella started Kindergarten in August and every day of her first week Cora cried and cried. She missed Ella so much AND she wanted to go to school herself! We hadn’t made any plans for Cora or Luke to go to school this year so I thought that Cora would have to get over it. 😎
Fast forward to Thursday of that week and I got a text asking me if I would want to be the assistant teacher in what would be Luke’s class and both Cora and Luke could go to school! I had already turned down a few teaching jobs earlier this year but this time, it felt right and perfect! So I said YES! It was a total God thing! (Update: we are all LOVING IT and having a great start to the school year!)
I literally could not wait to tell Cora that she was getting to go to school!!! She was so excited! Then we had to wait a few weeks before we started... 😂😂😂

But it was worth the wait!!! ❤️
If I had to pick... Cora would win the award for MOST EXCITED about school!!! :)

We all get to go to school together!!!! It’s THE BEST!!!❤️
This little girl was SO excited to go to her class!!!
Also, I wish I had a picture of our crew walking into school that morning because it looked like we brought our house. 2 nap mats, 4 lunchboxes, 3 backpacks, and my purse. ðŸ˜ģðŸ˜ģ
Here’s a pic of the pile of lunchboxes ready for our day! Also... please note #momlife because I had to use a Trolls lunchbox 😂
I got to see Cora during her class’s play time! She was having a blast!!! I caught her mid jump 😂😂

Playing dress up in his class! He’s a mess!!!

Preschool wore this girl out!!
And this little boy! They were both so excited about their nap mats!

Luke had a tiny runny nose on our first day of school... I wasn’t really concerned and even thought it may just be allergies. That night he went to bed like normal but woke up sometime in the night struggling to breathe. So I rushed him to the doctor first thing the next morning and the poor baby tested positive for RSV! I was shocked! Also, so thankful for our doctor!! She was so concerned, thorough, and very quick to treat Luke. She gave him three breathing treatments in her office and a steroid shot. So I’m glad Luke got to go to school on the first day because we had to miss the whole next week of school! 🙃
I took way too many pictures of him doing his breathing treatments but i didn’t want to forget it. 💙
We have been major homebodies over the past two weeks and it’s been awesome. Even though we had to miss out on a lake weekend with friends and an LSU game. 😭 But we got SO MANY SNUGGLES and it was THE BEST!!!
We had just gotten home from the doctor and the trash truck showed up so he mustered up the energy to watch and he asked if he could bring the man a bottle of water. Yes baby boy, you can. 💙
We went back to the doctor on this day, and the nurse pointed out that we were matching!! 😍

LOL at Cora’s finger in her nose 😂

Sweet boy!
It doesn't matter how sick you are, when Paw-Paw brings his track hoe to your house... you ride!
When he finally got to go to church he would only wear his rubber boots ðŸĪŠðŸ™ƒðŸ˜Ž

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Ella’s First Day of Kindergarten!

I can’t even believe that I’m writing this... but Ella Bella started Kindergarten last week! It doesn’t seem like we should be at this stage of life, but at the same time, it’s REALLY fun!! 
When we went to Ella’s Meet the Teacher night, she was VERY nervous and emotional. She cried all the way to school and during a lot of the evening. We talked a lot about how it’s ok to be nervous when we try newthings but it’s time to start Kindergarten and it’s probably going to be the best year of your life! 
The night before school started we had all of her clothes picked out, we read The Night Before Kindergarten, we put “jitter glitter” under her pillow, we sang her favorite verse song, and prayed fiercely for this little girl, her teacher, her school, and her friends. 
The next morning she woke up and said she wouldn’tcry today. And guess what?! She DIDN’T! I was so proud of her!  For months I’ve said I wouldn’t cry when she started Kindergarten, but her bravery definitely got me emotional!
 She walked right into her class, put her backpack and napmat in her cubby, found her seat, and started coloring! Nehemiah and i looked at eachother in shock, quickly hugged her and said goodbye!Leaving part of our heart in that classroom!
 Cora, Luke, and I couldn’t WAIT to pick up Ella that afternoon!!! We got there a few minutes early and whenwe saw her walk around the corner, her smile was sooooo big!! It was the best! She had a great day and was very excited to go back!!
Ella asked me the night before school started if she could decorate cupcakes when she got home... so that’s just what her and Cora did!
After cupcake time, we went on a walk to run off some sugar! Lol
And the next morning I found Ella in Cora’s bed with her when I went to wake Ella up for school! I can’t remember them ever climbing into each other’s bed butone day of being apart was enough for them to need to sleep together. My heart.